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The basic framework conditions

have always been the same. If he/she wants to participate in it as a member of JUST MUSIC POOLS, this includes always travel expenses, overnight stays, half board for 2-3 days. This is, so to speak, a booking made personally by the artists, which also includes: cancelling is also possible up to the previous day, deciding themselves to perform whether longer or shorter or, if at all, whether on Fridays and/or on Sundays!!!

In addition to it, we are able to invite over the year approximately 30 musicians out of the POOL and pay them also fair rates. So much for our financial means.

Important: our budget goes 100 percent directly to the artist, the organisation needs only 27 percent, about 7 percent of it are wage costs. My own 2000 hours per year have been paid by the retirement fund since 9/16; previously it amounted to 380.-Euro per month.

Now some infos to all of you, because we momentarily have the impression, that after years of growing of JUST MUSIC/4STSSSSS a lot of musicians still don't have a clear idea and an inside view of what is going on there.

JUST MUSIC was founded 9 years ago as a networking for both male and female musicians, dancers, writers and painters of the free forms/radical improvisation.

It was designed for artists

  • to be more mobile (travel expenses)
  • to be able to perform more shows (there are highly reduced opportunities within the avantgarde)
  • that's why we organised places like: Maribor, Kumrovec, Dunajska Streda, Sarvar, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Heiligenkreuz )
  • over the last 8 years we have been inviting extra musicians additionaly to the festivals (financing of expenses) in order to ensure the effect of a "symposium", a meeting place for artists of the free form. and this led to
  • an increased number of contacts with musicians
  • new venues
  • new bands
  • new musical ideas
  • autonomous activities in Poland, Slovenia and more
  • high-quality recordings production for artists and
  • a lot of new CDs.

    and we offer:

  • compensation for travel expenses , overnight stays and food/drinks
  • a great deal of promotion in magazines, radio and TV (e.g. press conference at On Dialogue)
  • a philosophical background
  • photos by professional photographers
  • recordings of partly first-class quality by Itzak Zupan
  • all recordings mastered by Itzok and they have often been used for CDs!!
  • and recordings always via 'zoom'
  • and moreover, there are videos (up to 3 cameras) of every second festival plus mastered music by Itzok.
  • coverage on youtube and vimeo,
  • and also on soundcloud.
  • and of course: a huge amount of free working hours of musicians, sound engineers, label owners, organisers, photographers ;
  • further performances with different organisers, e.g. in the future RIDMO CONCERTS at the Porgy&Bess.

    In JUST MUSIC we invest per year

  • many days to find sufficient money and also to account the costs;
  • around 2000 free working hours (Berlin 2 persons, Budapest 2 persons, Vienna 6 persons, Heiligenkreuz 3 persons)
  • around 20.000.- Euro in order to cover all costs (trips, overnight stays, food and drinks, backline, sound techology, rents, fees etc.).

    Just to give you 2 examples to make work and costs more comprehensible: 5 (!!) participants at SCHNITTPUNKTE cancelled at short notice, because they had other options; in 2017 the costs for JUST MUSIC participants were around 2500 Euro (12 participants). These include journeys from Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, overnight stays etc. or: with ON DIALOGUE for months 6 persons have been working for free, some of them (musicians!!) are putting at risk their own money, thousands of Euros!! Presently we are investing around 1000 working hours for free in this festival; An offer to the musicians

  • to present their skills at awesome venues,
  • to celebrate a party together for the free arts,
  • a meeting of free arts with composed arts, visual arts with spoken arts etc.
  • there are at least 2 outstanding photographers and
  • the entire performance will be recorded and mastered.
  • we take care of the entrance fees, subsidies and try to find money through crowdfunding and
  • if the costs are covered, money will be distributed to the participants.

    Participants/musicians can confirm, but also can call off. They can decide themselves for how long they are going to perform.

    venues, money, sound engineers, photographers, piano tuners
    lots of time
    is committed to the free forms by conviction
    in addition to it, a huge amount of money from subsidies and entrance fees.
    And everyone is free to take part in it or also perhaps not;
    to participate as an artist in an intensive or reduced manner
    or just simply look for "different" families moving around outside the mainstream.
    There are lots of reasons to be questioned and criticized in this process;
    but, please do it in a constructive way, perhaps even lovingly, at least favorably.
    In this wonderful exchange a lot is given by many and through the musicians/dance/painting
    a lot comes back to all of us.