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25. April / 20:00 Uhr / Gh. Schabhüttl
Eintritt: 12.- / Jugend 4.-

Jon Dobie - guitar / saxofon (london)
Mazzoll - clarinetts (Gdansk)
Slawek Janicki - double bass (Bydgoszcz)
Jacek Majewski - drums / percussion (Bydgoszcz)

JON DOBIE – guitar / saxophones

Born in london,1956,where he still lives when he is not travelling and performing in europe. he has received several arts awards to enable him to continue his performances most notably from the british council.he is currently reorganising the "No Wave" label and preparing to tour with his bands. Co-founder and tour organiser for B-shops for the Poor;also plays with Sonicphonics, Interference 3.0, The Dynamix,Total touch,Ken Hyder, plays in the 2near 2far 4tet with Vladimir Miller, Alexandr Alexandrov and in duo with Peter Brotzmann also has played with Charles Hayward and Billy Bang

SLAWEK JANICKI - double-bass

He started his career in the late 80’s as a member of legendary band from Bydgoszcz „Henry the Bearded”. In 1991together, with Tomasz Gwinciñski and Jacek Buhl he created the „Trytony”. In 1992 jointly with Jacek Majewski funded the „F.R.G.S. the Brain”. Next, he started playing concerts and publish his records with „Mazzoll & Arrhythmic Perfection”. Then, with Jerzy Mazzoll and Jacek Majewski, he funded the radical trio „Arrhythmic Brain” and next with Jacek Majewki and John Dobie the band called „The Pieces of Brain”. In 1999 he met the world-standard tuba player Zdzislaw Piernik. The result of it was the record that can be found on the collection from „The Brain” and plans for the future concerts. Despite his activity as a musician, he runs, together with Jacek Majewski, the pub called „The Brain” which publishes records (mail order included), and the association „The Bydgoszcz Canal” which is to facilitate scrounging money from sponsors for the whole activity that has been described.

JACEK MAJEWSKI – drums / percussion

Born in 1966. He is a versatile percussionist who takes advantage of the exotic and ethnic character of his instruments, but who derives sound from the wide range of percussion elements of a symphony orchestra as well as from the surrounding (ordinary - extraordinary) objects (water, metal, wood, air, barrels, pipes, floor, bow, etc. etc.). The range of his sound extends from whisper, splash and murmur to sophisticated sounds of the percussion contemporary music to crack and clangour of crushed metal and broken glass. He used to play and record with many musicians and groups, including: Stuckonceiling, Mazzoll and Arhythmic Perfection, Arhythmic Brain, Loskot, Maestro Trytony, Pieces of Brain (with Caroline Krabel and John Dobie),Jon Rose, Yass Big Band, Milosc , Pink Freud, Diffusion Ansamble, Kyle Bruckmann, Klaus Janek. He performed in Germany, Italy, Czech, Denmark, Hungary, Finland and U.S.A. A co-owner of Mozg Production record company.

MAZZOLL - clarinetts

The best young Polish clarinettist (born in 1968 in Gdansk) started playing the clarinet at 8, inspired by the works of the great contemporary Polish composers such as Lutoslawski and Górecki.
Founder and leader of several musical groups. Composer of film and theatre music , creator of the theory of "arhythmic perfection". His music classified often like as New Improvised Music penetrates undiscovered territories of harmony, rhythm, and melody. His musical quest includes trash jazz, freak ballads, cage songs. The collision of different sound energy creates unique atmosphere of musical event. He says, that both, precise interpretation, as well as fortuity, are equivalent elements of musical creation. Idea of Arhythmic Perfection has nothing to do with chaos, it is not a denial rhythm or harmony. It is a part of music, that we do not yet comprehend or notice. Mazzoll uses diagrams for musical notation. His primary musical formation is Mazzoll & Arhythmic Perfection (with Jacek Majewski & Slawek Janicki among others). The band plays a fusion of jazz and folk, techno, house, jungle, dance, acid, rock, and world music. During his career he played with the best Polish, European, and American rock and jazz musicians (such stars as Django Bates, Alfred Harth, Jukka Perko, Vytas Labutis, Tony Oxley, Peter Kowald, Nils Landgren, Jan Bengtson, Andy Lumpp, Lars Danielsson, Olga Szwajgier)

..und so war es im limmi-Saal..