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Hinwegfließend psychedelic,
tiefer underground,
ins glück trancigan,
eine traumreise

Jü (feat. Kjetil Möster)


Sonntag den 08. Dezember 2013; Beginn 19:00 Uhr

im Gasthaus Pummer
Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal, Obere Hauptstraße 11

Eintritt: 13,- | Jugendliche: 7,- | Mitglieder 10,-
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Die Band:
Mészáros Ádámguitar, electronic
Hock Erno"e.bass
Halmos Andrásdrums, percussions
Kjetil Møstersax

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Jü – Dear Johann

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Kjetil Möster

Kjetil Möster

In Chinese Jü means ’flow’, but the word is also used for a person who has already found the right way of living. Though keeping is almost as hard as finding, the members of the band have enough experience, courage and power of creation to face new challenges and go with the flow.

Jü is an epxerimental jazz trio from Budapest. The band, formed in Spring 2012 by now became one of the most exciting jazz acts on the Hungarian music scene. The music act is a dynamic powerjazz full of psychedelic tunes and improvisation from Budapest's best underground musicians which includes Andras Halmos (Kampec Dolores) on drums, Erno Hock (Grencso Kollektiva, Qualitions) on bass guitar and Adam Meszaros (Erik Sumo Band) on guitars. Melding experimental jazz, psychedelic rock and free improvisation, the band performs bot on jazz festivals and big rock venues.

As a part of different music collectives and as solo performers, the members of Jü has worked with such internationally acclaimed musicians as John Zorn, Charles Gayle, Chris Potter, Eugene Chadbourne, William Parker, Hamid Drake and Mikolaj Trzaska.

Kjetil Traavik Møster was born June 17, 1976 in Bergen.
He played a number of instruments from tha age of six: accordeon, cornet, tuba, electric guitar, before settling with electric bass and saxophone at the age of 14. Played electric bass in different rock bands, the last one, Hesperus, being a hardcore-metal band playing a number of club gigs in and around Bergen.

The alto-saxophone was a subject of study at music high-school Langhaugen, with mainly classical teachers. Switched to tenor at the age of 18, and took a few lessons with Karl Seglem.
After high school, Møster went to a jazz boarding school, and spent the next few years attempting to pass the audition at Trondheim Jazz Concervatory, in which he succeeded in 1998.

Studied with saxophonist John Pål Inderberg, digging into the different jazz-traditions of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
Coltrane had already been main influence for a couple of years, and this was only amplified when forming the trio ”Möster” with Steinar Raknes and Tor Haugerud, in which long meditational extatic grooves was the key word.

Simultaneously more and more involved in Oslo rock band King Midas, learning from their creative use of studio equipment and unorthodox view upon the role of the saxophone.

Experimenting with the crossing point between jazz, improv and rock became most important issue through conservatory.
Also started extencive cooperation with bassist Per Zanussi, and started travelling a lot to Oslo to rehearse and jam with Zanussi Five and other musicians.

Moved to Oslo summer 2002, getting into the city’s music scene, but still holding on to the most important bands of the Trondheim days, such as The Core, Möster, Gibrish and BRAT.

The three years spent in Oslo has so far resulted in the bands Zanussi Five, Trinity, MZN3, Action Jazz, Blow Job (Fe-Mail featuring Møster), Hakj, Ultralyd and Crimetime Orchestra, and has contained cooperation with Håvard Wiik, Paal Nilssen-Love, Jon Christensen, Mats Eilertsen, Fredrik Ljungkvist, Per ”Texas” Johansson, Håkon Kornstad, Raymond Strid, Mike Pride, Michael Zerang, Josh Berman, Nate Wooley, Ivar Grydeland, Bjørnar Andresen, Bjørnar Habbestad, Ketil Gutvik, etcetctcetc

In the 2005, Møster also started working out a solo saxophone repertoir, doing concerts in Bergen (march), Kongsberg Jazzfestival (july) and Trondheim (sept/oct).

facebook link: www.facebook.com/thepowerofju

by Zoltan Kerekes

by Zoltan Kerekes

by Zoltan Kerekes

by Zoltan Kerekes

by Zoltan Kerekes

Kjetil Møster