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chiao-hua chang, from chiayi city, taiwan, finished her master degree from the graduate institute of ethnomusicology, tainan national university of the arts with her master thesis "the catholic mass of tsou people in mt. ali of taiwan" in 2008. she studied erhu with mr. ming-gun jiang and mr. bing-heng tsai, and got her bachelor degree in music from shih-chien university in 2001. after graduating from college in 2001, chiao-hua chang came back to her hometown and devoted herself to erhu teaching in elementary schools, high schools, and lifetime education institutes.

she teached erhu in the chiayi community university and chiayi junior high school, and she often organized also public-interest performances in hospitals and care centers with her students, making contribution to the society.

since 2013 chang now lives as a freelance musician in vienna, austria. She is involved in the project 4states sessions, plays with several musicians like patrizia oliva