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youtube: dine doneff und claudia cervenca

active as a musician and composer since the 80's

faced with choice between school and music,left home village in western macedonia and arrived in thessaloniki. educated soul by exploring life through music: self taught musician.

by the 90's working as an arranger, ensemble director and producer on studio recording sessions. alternating touring and producing own music.

in 2001 becomes a permanent member of the group primavera en salonico performing with savina yannatou.

from 2002 until 2005,teaching at the technical education institute of epirus and the university of macedonia. later, under the fictional auspices of 'no bizz productions', becomes the pivot, moving spirit, and master of ceremonies of ninety nine (99) improvised public rehearsal performances in a small underground theatre in thessaloniki from 2005-2011.

drawing on a vast network of diverse international talent, their imaginative confrontational eclecticism gently etches an enduring imprint into the musical memory of the city and beyond. onstage encounters between doneff and musicians, dancers, actors, poets and visual artists. interludes of composing for the theatre and silver screen interspersed with forays into theatre direction penelopes of xanthogeia, 2009 and, under the name of tome rapovina, directing and editing short films requiem, 2012 etc.

currently collaborates as a composer and actor with: kammerspiele [munich] & thalia theater [hamburg].