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stefano giust is an italian improviser musician, drummer, composer and factotum of record label setola di maiale. his work is focused on the broad spectrum of improvised and experimental music. from over thirty years he works on these subjects into an acoustic, electric, electronic and audio/video surrounding.

as a drummer, his playing focuses on rhythmic pulse and its destructuration. rhythm (and sound) as a continuous and variable flow, no longer thought in terms of meter and measure.

born in 1968, he has started to recording his music at the age of 14. since then, his approach remained uncompromising, embracing a diy attitude.

through the years, he has given concerts in italy, england, scotland, the netherlands, france, germany, spain, portugal, switzerland, austria, slovenja, belgium, poland, croatia, brasil and vietnam.

he has recorded an impressive number of albums with his own main projects or as co-leader, mostly in the fields of improvised music, free jazz and electronic music.

he has played with hundreds of musicians, including gianni gebbia, thollem mcdonas, tobias delius, herb robertson, tristan honsinger, steve beresford, peter jacquemyn, edoardo marraffa, jean-luc guionnet, walter prati, luc ex, keiko higuchi, clayton thomas, guido mazzon, mick beck, eugenio sanna, kris wanders, patrizia oliva, burkhard beins, roy paci, lotte anker, gianni mimmo, martin mayes, marco eneidi and liz allbee.

some places he has played in: hanoi new music festival (vietnam), brda contemporary music festival (slovenja), mostra sesc de artes (so paulo, brasil), interpenetration festival (graz), mibnight jazz festival (germany), chilli jazz festival (austria), vortex/mopomoso (london), area sismica (forl), 48th venice biennale (venezia), zdb (lisboa), resonance 104.4fm (london), fondazione mudima (milano).

as acousmatic/electronic composer, some of his works have been used or commissioned by experimental film directors and video-artists.

in addition, he runs setola di maiale, a record label devoted to creative and experimental music since 1993: up to now he has produced more than 300 titles involving 500 musicians from all over the world.