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uwe oberg *1962 / offenbach / germany lives in wiesbaden nearby frankfurt.

"oberg is one of the few, who really joins american with european improvised music;(...) one of the most intriguing pianists at the fascinating intersection of new music and free jazz, who impresses mainly with an economic style. radio orf / austria

he started playing piano at the age of seven, moved in the early 80s from popular music to jazz and joined in 1986 the kooperative new jazz/artist wiesbaden, an association of improvising musicians.

improvisation is the keyword for his work. impressed by free jazz and new music, he developed exceptional piano techniques; influences are thelonious monk, paul bley, cecil taylor, don pullen, ran blake, andrew hill, the music of anthony braxton, the early piano compositions of john cage as well as european free improvisation. he is also a composer and a highly individual interpret of jazz-compositions.

he works in various musical contexts: as a soloist he bends the bow from inside piano to the music of monk. with lacy pool he dives into the music of steve lacy, the duo with silke eberhard plays originals as well as music by carla bley, annette peacock a.o. rope is a improvising quartet with european line-up. whatever he plays, he transforms each material in his very personal, twinkling sound without musical borders.

beside fixed projects he enjoys the improvised encounter with musicians from different styles and cultures. he often played in combination with other artforms, theatre / dance / lyrics, currently mainly with silent films, as a soloist and with ensembles. cooperation with: alfred harth, peter kowald, xu fengxia, matthias schubert, philippe micol, jürgen wuchner, uli phillipp, tony oxley, sven-ake johansson, rudi mahall, hr jazzensemble, heinz sauer, urs leimgruber, saadet türköz, subroto roy chaudhuri, paul lovens, axel dörner, frank gratkowski, evan parker a.m.o.