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heather saumer is an active performer in toronto as trombonist, vocalist, arranger, composer, improviser, songwriter, curator, educator, and board member of the somewhere there creative music presentation. currently, heather is a member of the massey hall band, john oswald's radiant brass, doug tielli's lowlands, jay hay's interstellar orchestra, the mark segger sextet, her own projects which often include elements of movement/visual art/spacial considerations, and other adhoc projects. her performance career has taken her across canada, europe, and to new york, and she's performed with a diverse array of artists including sylvie courvoisier, members of the icp orchestra, dave douglas, bry webb, and owen pallett.

heather's artistic pursuit is a platform for investigation - asking questions around definitions and status quo, and maintaining a curiosity that engages creativity and imagination. through her compositions and projects, she is interested in exploring different ways people can interact and relate with their sonic surroundings, nature, and relationships, striving to see the beauty of what is present in new ways.