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Silvia Suchankova studied at Conservatory in Bratislava, where came togehter with avantgarde and improvisation music besides her classical studies. she have been a part of many improvisations and experimental orchestras and projects, e.g. Musica falsa et ficta, Veni ensemble, Prague Modern Young etc. she have also been a guest flute player at many slovak electro-acoustic projects and performed as an interpreter on concerts and festivals in Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey.

"i consider a sound as a primary and the most important element, as it is actually the only thing we can hear in music. That's why I have been examining the sound of a flute and looking for new ways of interpretation."

in 2014 Veni Academy published debut album "Rolling Tones. In Zarter Bewegung." and won the Radio Head Awards for the best classical album.